Spring and Fall Leaf Cleanup



Leaf cleanup is one of the most dreaded tasks a homeowner can face. Raking leaves into piles is hard enough work as it is but the challenge of bagging them and disposal is simply back breaking. Simplify your life by letting Dobra Property Maintenance do the dirty work. We will clean up your entire property using high-powered, backpack blowers and then take away the leaves to a nearby recycling center if requested.

Turf areas and ornamental beds are cleaned with commercial blowers, backpack blowers and hand rakes as needed. Weather permitting, leaf removal service is rendered the week prior to the scheduled local municipality curbside leaf pick up (for municipalities that offer curbside vacuuming). Fall leaf removal is generally provided twice, unless weather condition or client dictates otherwise.


Spring clean-ups include removal of leaves, sticks, and debris from flower beds and lawn. The cleanup also includes cutting back any perennials that were left standing during the winter season within 2-3 inches of the crown if requested. Spring clean-ups will be done during the months of March and April, weather permitting.


Fall clean-ups include leaf, perennial and annual flower removal from all beds and grass. Perennials will be cut down to within 2-3 inches of the crown if requested. Some perennials having attractive foliage and/or seed heads may be left standing during the winter season.

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