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Slit Seeding

Dobra Property Maintenance offers a variety of services to rejuvenate or renovate your lawn. Besides our outstanding turf fertilization program, we also offer slit seeding.

Slit seeding, like core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and fertilizer to get into the root zone of your lawn. Annual or semi-annual aeration is advised for all lawns on heavy clay soils, those with a moderate thatch build-up, and any lawn that needs to be “thickened up”.

Slit seeding is an excellent method for an established lawn to relieve compaction and improve its density. We recommend slit seeding once per season to all established lawns. Dobra Property Maintenance uses top quality seed that is free of noxious weeds.


Slit Seeding cuts small slices into your lawn and removes thatch at the same time. The slices created by the slit seeder hold the seed, fertilizer and water. Turf roots naturally grow toward these growth pockets and thicken in the process. The slices also relieve pressure from compacted soils, letting oxygen and water move more freely into the root zone.


Thatch on your lawn works like a thatched roof. This layer of roots, stems, and other plant parts sheds water and prevents fertilizers and insect controls from moving freely into the soil. Thatch that is too heavy can require major lawn renovation. Regular slit seeding helps thatch break down naturally by mixing with the soil and speeding up decomposition. Performed once or twice per year, slit seeding significantly reduces thatch and improves turf growth.

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