Snow Removal


24-Hour Snow Removal

Snow and ice can accumulate quickly, leaving your driveway or parking lot slippery and dangerous. People can easily be injured in these types of conditions. Keeping your property safe throughout these storms is our concern.

As soon as a snow or ice storm occurs, our main objective is to keep your home or business open and safe. That’s why we work around the clock throughout these conditions. We provide snow removal for many commercial and residential properties throughout the area. We have all the equipment and experience needed to take care of your snow removal needs.

On large commercial properties we put up stakes so that all boundaries, curbs, grass areas, and islands are clearly established. This prevents damage of your property from the snow plows and also allows your driveway or parking lot to be fully opened.

We only use calcium on all concrete, concrete driveways and paver walkways so that salt damage to your hardscape features is eliminated. On large commercial parking lots, our spreaders contain guards that keep the salt or calcium out of the flower beds and prevent damage to the plants.

Whatever your snow removal needs are, Dobra Property Maintenance is ready to serve you this winter! Contact us to learn more.

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